This is stilly. The Birth certificate contains a snap shot …

Comment on Birth registrations Bill: How many genders are there? by James T Smerk.

This is stilly. The Birth certificate contains a snap shot of basic factual details about the birth and it’s just a piece of paper.
If your birth certificate says you’re a boy then you can change THAT to girl later on. Why do we specify names of the baby if they might change that later too?
Or what if the baby doesn’t want its weight on their birth certificate too, wouldn’t want to be fat shaming the poor baby.
I would like to know how these “new” parents would be referring to their new bundle of joy. Here is my “unspecified / non-binary” baby”.
This is a stupid idea being pushed by stupid people. The Government is stupid for even entertaining the idea.

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I hope when this case is settled and the verdict is in both sides can accept it and move on, but I doubt it.

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Why stop at a street name? I mean how much do we really know about superintendent Sir Charles Todd’s wife who this town is named after?
Let’s just rewrite history and leave out the people that were bad, I’m sure that’s a good idea.
Or maybe we leave things as they are and learn from them and teach kids about these things?
I can only assume there will be an audit on all street names and the same process will take place on all streets with issues or is this just a token gesture that really means nothing?

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@ Centralian Views – spot on.

NT borders to open July 17
@ Psuedo Guru. Unfortunately that will never happen as it would make a mockery of everything that was said to get it closed.
All of the future arguments for closing such sites would be undermined.
We need to create a new man made structure which can capture the imagination or inspiration for people all over the world to see.
The hard bit is coming up with such an idea.

Let’s have a local Masters Games, says Gerry Wood
Good on you, Gerry.

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