The Gunner Government continues to reach for new levels of …

Comment on Birth registrations Bill: How many genders are there? by InterestedDarwinObserver.

The Gunner Government continues to reach for new levels of foolishness and division.
A birth certificate is (or should be) a record of fact.
The record notes a persons sex at birth. The person shall live and eventually die with the same sex they are born.
Sex is only determined by the biological conditions such as the x,y chromosomes and potentially, a further 6500 differences between the genes of a male and female.
Male and female is the correct term to determine between the only two sexes.
Of course, genetic defects do exist in humans as they do in all animals. In the case of an intersex birth, whereby the physical characteristics of the baby are unable to determine the sex, then a third option; “intersex” may be a reasonable proposition, amending this later, to reflect the persons ultimate “gender” would seem fair.
However, any person displaying normal physical attributes of either male or female are in fact male or female.
If they so chose to recognize as their opposite – that is their personal choice. One’s identity is fluid, organic and self determined. Of course, such an extreme deviation of one’s gender identity from social and biological norms is sadly, likely, telling of mental health issues.
Let people act, dress, be, whoever they so chose. Let society show tolerance and give people the free liberty for who they chose to be.
However, do not try and inflict the progressive left agenda onto the commonsense of the people. Do not expect people to call others by ridiculous pronouns. Do not expect people to believe that gender is separable from sex.
On a lighter note, a 69 year old man from the Netherlands has commenced legal proceedings in his home country to allow him to reduce his legal age by 20 years.
This seems reasonable in the context of changing ones sex. After all, age is just a number.

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Drags inferno: Major Events, Car Festivals to spend $1.2m
Given that NT Major Events Company is owned by the NT Government, the $944,000 is essentially just a cost to the tax payer.
Instead of “building knowledge base and capacity” perhaps just invest the money into relevant infrastructure at the venue. That way something tangible will actually be achieved.

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
John Argent: You require a history lesson.
The Protectionist Party came to power with the assistance of the Labor Party. The union movement was against jobs going to immigrants. Labor pushed for the restriction of non white immigration. And so the Immigration Restriction Act 1901 was born.
But this is all totally beyond the point. To draw parallels between the parties of today and yesteryear is irrelevant.

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
Rosalie: Read the policies on the website. Best described as wishful thinking and thought bubbles.
I liked this line:
“To allow persons or organisations other than the RSPCA the right to fully investigate and prosecute charges relating to animal welfare in appropriate courts and tribunals.”
That would entail giving radical vegan activist the right to enter a farm and conduct an investigation. Bringing all the damage and cost and interruption to the Aussie farmer along with it. Instead of the group being a professional organization (like the RSCPA) it could instead be undertaken by extremist activist. The ones who shut down streets, spill red paint on people and deliver a dead piglet to Maccas.
Another cracker:
“Government to ensure the equitable distribution of paid work among those who wish to engage in the workforce.”
What does that even mean?!

Anti-fracking Greens: Are jobs for the dole schemes legal?
Medical marijuana – the cure for everything – including unemployment!
A few notes: the Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) has a legislated responsibility to adequately train and supervise workers. As such there is no legality issue in working for the dole unless a PCBU is breaking the law. There are of course already mechanisms in law to deal with this.
Also, your proposal of paying solar construction workers $18 to $20 is below minimum wage. This is taking advantage of refugees and putting Australian workers at a disadvantage.
And yes, new start has increased – at a faster rate than inflation – since the 1990s.
Has it increased at the same rate as the average workers wage? No.
That’s because Newstart is not what has driven productivity, economic growth or certainly the export surge at such a strong rate.
So factually, Newstart recipients are, inflation adjusted, better off than in 1990s.
It is just when compared to a person in the workforce – which has had above inflation wage growth (up until recent years), that a widening in living standards between welfare recipients and workers emerge.

Road toll drops by half
In a period of less than 3 weeks, the statement made in regards to the road toll has proven to be cherry picking in the extreme.
The death toll for the first four months on NT Roads is now 11 versus 18 during the same period of 2018. 2018 is an outlier. In 2011 the same four month period was four deaths. Again, an outlier.
The fact is, the current first four months of the year in 2019 of 11 deaths is actually marginally higher than the average of 10.7 road toll deaths for this period between the years of 2011 and 2019.
Claiming successful policing outcomes in reducing the road toll is disingenuous towards what is such an important and devastating community issue.

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