Business index shows NT to be least confident

p2405 Gary Higgins SM2LETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – The latest Sensis Business Index for the September 2018 quarter is further proof the Labor Government does not understand business in the Northern Territory.


The data in the report is damning.


The small and medium business (SMB) outlook shows the NT is the least confident state or territory, well below the national average.


Expectations for four out of the five key performance indicators have decreased substantially from the June quarter and the report says are the lowest in the nation by far.


Surprise, surprise, the report says the main criticisms of the Labor Government by SMBs are “not understanding small business and high taxation”.


The report shows confidence dropped 21 points to plus-seven – the second worst result of all time for the Territory (the worst was in the March quarter).


The report also shows 26% of SMBs think NTG policies work against them – an equal highest percentage with Queensland.


We’re hoping Labor takes notice of the report and realises its policy void is hurting our economy and its anti-business decisions are having a devastating impact.



Gary Higgins

Opposition Leader




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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. John Bell
    Posted November 29, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    @ Another Observer. You have identified the great structural weakness in the Socialist Left model of governance.
    There is always a greater emphasis on spending than on revenue.
    To sustain the socialist utopian state’s promises to the proletariat, the only way is to tax, tax and tax.
    The Bosses-Are-Evil philosophy feeds the taxation mania. But sooner or later, human nature and fiscal reality kick in.
    The socialist nanny state becomes dictatorial, power drunk, corrupt and ruthlessly controlling; fiscal responsibility goes out the back door, the “leaners” vastly outnumber the “lifters”, everyone lives off the nanny state teat, the national piggy bank runs dry, and the socialist state bubble bursts into anarchy. As the meerkat ad says on tellie: “Simples!”

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  2. Another Observer
    Posted November 29, 2018 at 3:33 pm

    We are taxed at every damned level that is imaginable – sustainability the Left cries, there is nothing sustainable about the charges that they are inflicting upon the populace, regardless of what level you are operating at.
    But think about the business owners – not those supported businesses or the charities that are awarded work, not because they are the best, the cheapest, the most innovative, no, it’s because of the colour of the owner’s or the employee’s skin.
    What the NT, local and Commonwealth governments have managed to introduce is the most racist damning policies that have ever been conceived.
    They are stealing business profits via taxation, and using those funds to put those same firms out of business by picking winners and losers in the award of works and contracts.
    Should Indigenous Australian’s be encouraged into business? Absolutely, but when they are subsidised by the taxpayer and given “not for profit” status that relieves them of the burden of taxation that every ordinary business faces, then all the government is doing is creating poverty for future generations from all races.
    It is simply shameful.

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