Determining the “disadvantage” of people, acting to reduce the disadvantage …

Comment on Parliamentary committee endorses a First Nations Voice by Paul Parker.

Determining the “disadvantage” of people, acting to reduce the disadvantage does not require a racial test.
The Northern Territory long been a victim of Commonwealth racism, indeed where Commonwealth racial divides make racism in the NT appear normal.
Racism a major activist in history. That history demands our vigilance to prevent repeating damage previously done by racist activist politicians.
Patrick Dodson is yet another activist campaigning to support imposition of racism upon Australians.
Patrick Dodson supports programs which maintain inequality in large areas of Australia.
Patrick Dodson supports programs which determine rights and responsibilities using racial identification in large areas of Australia.
Patrick Dodson supports the segregation of Australians using racial identification, including the racial segregation of Australian families.
Central to all this, and this campaign, is racism, the identification and treatment of Australians differently using racial identification as the measure.
Patrick Dodson is just one member of an activist group in the Commonwealth and other Parliaments who are promoting racism, to divide Australians.
Commonwealth racism imposes qualification of Australian’s equality of legal rights, equality of legal responsibilities and equality of opportunity.
Almost all racists do this to benefit themselves.
Australians rejected racism at Federation.
Australians rejected racism in 1967.
Patrick Dodson with others are promoting racism, promoting treatment of Australians differently using racial identification as their measure.
Is a disappointment that activists who promote racism receive more attention and support than those opposing it.
Politicians show ongoing efforts to divide their electorates into “manageable segments”, each “segment” easily tempted to follow path of division by promises of “special benefits”.
We need to obstruct those racist activists seeking to racially divide us.
History, of the NT and wider, clearly shows accepting racism is pathway to inequality, then to worse, with huge costs born communities and world.
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Australians all need actively defend our equal rights, our equal responsibility, our equal accountability if we all are to have equality of opportunity.
Equality of opportunity does not produce equality of results.
Lest We Forget!

Recent Comments by Paul Parker

‘Safe nuclear power known since 2009’
Australians mostly accept the existence of some nuclear benefits but they maintain opposition to wider nuclear development.
This means Australians may support replacement of our ageing Lucas Heights facility, when know where it will be.
Nuclear participants need STOP promoting activities wider than our existing Lucas Heights if it is to be replaced.
Replacement of our Lucas Heights facility will ensure our needs for various nuclear products will continue to be provided within Australia.
Replacement of our Lucas Heights facility enables continued production, training, and research with public education.
Australians involved in public discussions of other plans then may feel better prepared to discuss alternative facilities.
The Australian public needs to approve or reject other facilities in our wider community.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
More on the Rolfe Murder trial: “In the Northern Territory, persons charged with serious offences are tried by a Judge and jury in the Supreme Court. This ensures every person accused of a serious crime receives a fair trial, free from government or political influence.”
This is worth reading to understand the process.
In different state/territories the rules may permit Defendants to choose they be tried before a Judge only.

Street kids: What cops can do
Australians sought Federation to ensure all Australians shared same legal rights with same legal responsibilities.
Since Federation our Commonwealth government has ignored, enticed, persuaded, encouraged, or justified its own government actions or failures to act by abusively using the term “Aboriginal” claiming that was sufficient justification for the Commonwealth’s actions and inactions.
The Commonwealth refuses to accept ALL Australians hold equal legal rights with equal legal responsibilities.
Australian voters in the 1967 Referendum re-stated their Federation intention that ALL Australians share the same legal rights and legal responsibilities without qualification using racial identification.
We need to extinguish ALL Australian governments’ claims that racism upon Australians is lawful.
Racism is no justification for treating Australians, particularly children, differently.

Seeking equality as Indigenous distrust of government peaks
The cited “limitation of democracy” and “muffled voices” was ended when Neville Bonner was appointed To the Senate in 1971.
Consider his election in his own right by popular vote in 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1980.
Since Neville Bonner broke the ice, others have been elected.
Australians support equality of legal rights and legal responsibilities as Australians.
Australian voters’ silence is towards in-equality.
The Uluru Statement promotes in-equality, not equality.

Yuendumu murder charge update
Re: Psuedo Guru Posted November 15, 2019 at 8:15 am “Anarchy rules in Alice Springs.”
I doubt anarchy rules in Alice Springs.
These problems are not Alice Springs problems, they are Australian problems.
The problems relate to “racial tag” support from racists.
We need to end the Commonwealth’s ongoing promoting, enforcing, defending its wedging of Australians using “racial tags” to diminish our rights as Australians.
The Commonwealth needs to act for Australians in need of basic services, not racial wedging.
While “racial tag” wedging continues then yes, the racists are winning.

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