I have a query that Mr Lynch may be able …

Comment on Former gallery advisor scathing about its planners by Charlie Carter.

I have a query that Mr Lynch may be able to help with.
“Locations” in the report has 3 headings:
• Recommended (Desert Park).
• NTG preferred (Anzac, 3 versions).
• Sites not recommended (incl Desert Knowledge).
Does “not recommended” mean by the panel or by the NTG, or both?
It seems to me that many of the arguments for the DP could also apply to DK.

Recent Comments by Charlie Carter

NT to become just one Federal seat of Parliament
Yes Maya and Frank.
Particularly when one takes in the Tasmania situation.
Tassie has about double the NT population.
Tassie is guaranteed five seats by the Constitution regardless of population.
Not to mention the 12 senators.
All part of the horse trading for Federation.
And the cute bit, called the double entrenchment, is that to change it, a referendum would have to be won by not only the usual “majority of votes in the majority of states” but the majority has to include Tassie!
See the pigs overhead doing their pork-barrel roll.

Rosenberg’s rose coloured view of Pine Gap
Well said, and thanks Kieran.
I look forward to the book.

The Base turns 50, will survive Trump
@ Psuedo Guru: It may beyond your comprehension, but Alice was here before Pine Gap, and will no doubt be here after it goes.
As for Mr Rosenberg, he isn’t in Guantanamo, or some similar gruesome place, so he obviously didn’t say anything to upset his former masters.
So, as to the benign nature of Pine Gap, MRD [Mandy Rice-Davies (pictured) , of Profumo Affair fame: “Well, they wouldn’t say that, wouldn’t they.”] applies in bucketfuls.

$20bn Sun Cable has national security risks, expert warns
“Dr Saunders is concerned that private customer data may be insecure. Most importantly from the point of national security, the high-tension electricity cable will have parallel telemetry data communications capable of sending and receiving performance and customer data.”
I’m not sure what “parallel telemetry data” means, but I can’t imagine that electricity from the NT would go to private customers.
Surely the sale and transmission from the producer to a major power supplier in Singapore would be public knowledge.
Seems like a beat up to me.

New COVID initiative rehashes old projects
The Morrison plan applies to “a renovation price range of $150,000 up to $750,000”.
Wow! This is serious welfare for the rich.
You can get it if you own a house, and are prepared to spend upwards of 150 grand on a reno.
I suspect it won’t help the local tradies much. A reno for more than 15 grand is probably more in the local price range.
I’m sure Harbourside Mansion and co will be delighted.

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