This is another reason I so rarely comment or even …

Comment on Human rights, centre stage by LongTermAlice.

This is another reason I so rarely comment or even bother to read the comments on these pages. A great story of young people doing really wonderful things and I congratulate them and applaud their passion and their work. Well done. All parents involved must so very proud! With young people in Alice Springs of this caliber Alice just might have a chance! Congratulations again.
But as usual so many have to take over the comments with pedantic nit picking over the “importance of words” instead of congratulating those who have been recongnised here in the story. Well done, take the shine off their good work. It took @InterestedDarwinObserver 28 lines before his throw away one line of congratulations. Try sticking to what the heart of the story is all about!

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Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
I am not at all surprised this government is happy to announce the cut in services to Alice Springs.
The cuts are to the benefit Darwin, which has a failing tourist economy, and props up even more the Uluru experience.
I would not be surprised if they announce they will be funding more accommodation in Yulara due to demand after Alice Springs has seen over the years many motels / caravan parks close.
Their true colours will shine. Alice Springs is the loser for sure.
But hey, if they can’t do much in two years to reduce the crime with smashed car windows, break ins etc that are happening every single night, what do we expect from this Darwin focused government?

Define gallery purpose before picking a site: Bruce Walker
It’s a shame there is so much confusion going by the comments about this project when there has been so much (alleged) consultation.
So many questions are left unanswered except the main one of location – we all know if anything is going to go anywhere, it will be where we are told, Anzac Oval.
While I understand the benefits to revitalize the CBD I would have thought that as a National Gallery / Culture Centre location would need to be culturally correct to house other regions’ Indigenous art and culture.
Or is the Cultural Centre different – going somewhere different?
This could be so good for Central Australia, just a shame it has been started off so confusing and so dictatorial.

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