Politically there is great “Sovereign Risk” in the Northern Territory. An …

Comment on The Territory is broke by Ken.

Politically there is great “Sovereign Risk” in the Northern Territory.
An example is the gallery standoff by the NT Government.
With the land ownership … the CLC (lawyers) … and the incompetence of the resources bureaucracy (intelligence?), there is virtually no mining in the NT (compare to WA and Qld).
No group or company can stand up to 25+ years gaining land exploration rights when the bureaucratic demands exceed reality.
It is sovereign risk. Massive mineral income is needed. My company discovered a diamond field in 2010 but the Central Land Council vetoed its development and the license ran out in 2013.
Imagine how incompetance lost NT royalties income.
No group or company can stand this or the veto of the CLC, intent on its own agenda, [such] delay in discovery and finding mineral exploration from vetoed and land access.
The Lasseter’s Reef rediscovery is a case in point, where bureaucratic intransigence and the Central Land Council prevents mineral exploration and development of the frontier town of Alice Springs.
The Aboriginal art gallery in Alice Springs will go the same usual way. The kiss of death has already been applied.

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Thank you, Erwin, as you write and inform:
1. Could you provide monthly accomodation figures on the to-be mothballed or closed accommodation motels and hotels or venues at Yulara over the next 12 months?
2. Could you advise the gate numbers which supply the income on a six-monthly basis to the traditional owners?
3. Will any traditional owner be paid any regular gate-money which they rely on to buy cars etc?
4 In view of the above when will they change their mind?
5. My old mate who was the senior TO man once said in relation to the above loss of gate-money “Let them climb!”

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