The Opposition is commenting as an Opposition (understandably) but would …

Comment on ‘Cannibalising’ Vowles is childish, says CLP by Meg.

The Opposition is commenting as an Opposition (understandably) but would have followed the same course of action if in government.
The substandard skill set, proven track record and reputation of persons gaining places in NT Parliament is very much a part of the current government’s problems, as it was with the Giles mob. This is proving once again that the NT as well as its government and funded departments and boards are run by a bunch of unqualified cowboys whose heads are swollen with delusions of grandeur and self importance.
Just like all those missing millions of Indigenous dollars overseen by individuals with demanding “brothers and sisters” wanting a cut, money has been spent unwisely by people in government believing taxpayer money is a renewable resource providing endless supply for little in return.
The NT is the place to come and hide a bad past and an incompetent future.
Indigenous people getting ripped off by their own community members too selfish or illiterate to manage power and money appropriately have only themselves to blame.
They are resting on their laurels, comfortable being controlled by a white paternalistic government, preferring to remain dumb, ignorant uneducated by wallowing in the past instead of going to school.
They do this so they can blame lack of opportunity and autonomy on whites when things go wrong, like their own family or elders going berserk buying private stuff from funded money.
The NT is taken advantage of by a lot of under-qualified people who wouldn’t get a look in elsewhere.
Why? Because even the urban white families are way too relaxed about the very poor performance in comparison with the rest of the country, including the poorest parts of larger cities.
Half-arsed efforts that at school pass for OK lead to half-arsed leaders of the future.
From the NT News down, the image presented is cringe worthy and low brow.
Gunner was probably a mediocre teacher too, as are a lot of teaching “Professionals”.

Recent Comments by Meg

Grog stats: No independent review
Bravo, well said Mr Smerk.

First Aboriginal doctor: Gordon Briscoe AO, BA (Hist), MA, PhD
The churches’ work IS being well recognised, especially through taxpayer funded Royal Commissions into Child Abuse and the acknowledgement of stolen generations including but not limited to the British migrant children.

We’ll all be rooned. Not.
I get that P J Hartigan’s Hanrahan epitomises the eternal pessimist, but linking him to house prices and buyer confidence is a bit of a stretch given the poem is equally about a farmer’s eternal struggle farmers have with the elements in a harsh Australian climate, to make a productive living. The analogy doesn’t quite fit.

Trachoma campaign in Centre part of ending Australia’s shame
This is a good news story.
My uncle Leo spent some time in the Top End years ago with Fred Hollows.
It was the place to come for ophthalmologists to get working experience all those years ago (I’m in my late 50s now).
Shame on us all as a nation, and yes shame on the mums, dads and carers too for not attending to the most basic needs of their kids.
It’s not too hard to make hand and face washing an everyday event. No washers? Cut up one towel, colour code each family members, don’t use any except own colour.
Water scarce for washing? Have dirty washers under tap to capture run off while washing with a fresh one.
Give the dirty one a quick scrub and hang to dry on fence, better than not trying at all.
Congrats to all participants in this terrific project.

Children in care management system to cost $229m
I would rather my hard earned tax contributions be spent on programs to get more kids out of dysfunctional communities during school term, or funding for boarding schools to run holiday programs for remote indigenous kids, than spend another pointless $$$ on supporting the abusive and neglectful behaviours of alcoholic parents too selfish to care more about their kids than themselves.

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