Another insightful and educational piece for Alice Springs News readers, …

Comment on The forgotten lesson: Take tough decisions now or borrow against tomorrow into unmanageable debt by Dallas Frakking.

Another insightful and educational piece for Alice Springs News readers, Alex. Well done. I’ve always enjoyed your writing.

Recent Comments by Dallas Frakking

NT should become the Switzerland of the Southern Hemisphere
An insightful, inspiring and well written piece, Kelvin. Based on big, long term strategic thinking, your writings highlight and underpin the lack of economic maturity and discipline the past few NT government administrations have been plagued by.
Through government and leadership changes, inexperience allowed further intimidation by a perceived superior media culture. Yet the same media industries were facing, and continue to face their own crisis, cutbacks and relevance struggle.
Today’s politician appears to go for small commitments on big things in order the grab the news cycle of the day. Yet meaningful improvements, breakthroughs and results come from big commitments on lots of small things.
Let media outlets ramble on about their deadlines, it’s their 24hr cycle.
The Territory is facing bigger, more complex issues than a dumbed-down media cycle. It is thought and inspiration such as this piece that should be explored, researched and investigated. Well done Alice Springs News Online for publishing it.
Long term vision coupled by strategy and execution is a specific set of behaviors and techniques that leaders and administrations need to master, as companies often do, in order to achieve a long term sustainable result.
It’s a discipline of its own. It is of these qualities political parties should be seeking and pre-selecting for success and the benefit of the Territory.

Open speed limit starts tomorrow
We were in Alice Springs for the weekend en route home from Adelaide. Having lived in the Territory all my life, open limits are nothing new.
The new open limit stretch was a breath of fresh air after the long, boring 110 limit through SA. We sat on 150km comfortably, didn’t witness any “idiots”, accidents or police.
The only recommendation I would strongly make to the Government, the sides of the Stuart Highway need to be slashed 3-4m in on both sides – as the original CLP Government use to do. This gives drivers half a chance (regardless of speed) to see various wildlife up ahead. Currently you don’t see them until they are on the bitumen, with some of the vegetation up to a foot high to the edge of the road. The various sized anthills, especially at night, are very distracting looking like possible roos and alike.
I did suggest this to a Member, they said it was due to recent rains. Crap. I have been driving the highway Alice to Darwin regularly over the last five years, it’s been the same.
If we’re serious about the highways, self drive tourism and safety, let’s get slashing.

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