Bob was one of the best CEOs I ever had. …

Comment on The financial crisis in the Northern Territory by NW.

Bob was one of the best CEOs I ever had.
Fair, firm and called it as he saw it.
No bullshit – just played it straight down the line.
Good to see his insights, analysis and opinions are still valued.
The whole “disadvantaged by birth” mantra needs an overhaul – too many urban mixed race mob skimming off the top which means less for those genuinely in need.
Pity the current mob of senior bureaucrats and politicians lack the talent, experience and knowledge to make a genuine (positive) difference.

Recent Comments by NW

Federal Budget ‘another big GST blow to the NT’
The NT Government is like the spoiled kid who gets everything given to them during the year whilst their siblings do all the work around home – then expect a massive Christmas present.
Or to put it more simply for the slow ones: If you don’t contribute to the pie, don’t whinge if your slice is small.

The stolen child who went to university
Local1 – you summed it up perfectly. No-one wants to admit, learn or accept that their parents were unable or unwilling to provide care for them.
So it’s much easier (and preferable) for them to “believe” they were stolen. And now we have $ attached which increases the number of people and empire-building organisations wanting to perpetuate the stolen myth – but the issues around the current generation of neglected kids is a subject that many still choose to ignore.
Hiding behind the smokescreen of culture just gives people an easy way of avoiding honest discussion (and practical actions) to address the shocking reality.

Custodians decline meeting with council on gallery
@ “Everyone wants a National Indigenous Art Gallery to be built in Alice Springs”: Hmmm … not quite everyone. A lot of people don’t even believe we need one at all. Maybe those who want it should put up the funds?

Air race re-enactment government’s latest financial folly
Who owns (or benefits from) Inspire Strategic Solutions? This just gets more embarrassing (and expensive) every day.

Fiscal emergency: Get rid of Ministers, says Opposition
Quite ironic that we rely on handouts from the Feds (GST) which are significantly higher than other jurisdictions due to our Aboriginal and mixed race population – yet that same group of people is costing far more than what we receive.
And it is increasing at an unsustainable rate. Maybe we need to look at the duplication of services and programs based on race? Focus on genuine need absolutely (to use Manison and Fyles favourite word!) – but not services purely based on race.
If we focus on REAL need – those that are ACTUALLY disadvantaged – might have some chance of dragging themselves out of the squalor, depression and poverty that they are entrenched in. Or we can keep doing the same things and getting the same results.
Whatever happened to the ALP mantra of Fresh Ideas – Real Results?
Guess that was too hard. Sigh.

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