I would be enthused to see a response to this …

Comment on NT should become the Switzerland of the Southern Hemisphere by Boundless Bureaucrat.

I would be enthused to see a response to this article from the CEO of the Department of Trade, Business and Innovation – Northern Territory Government, or even the Minister representing it.
As a Boundless Bureaucrat who moves to the senseless whim of the current government, I am well aware of the growing distrust in all ranks of this Gunner Government. Gunner, Gunna … Gone
We at Boundless Bureaucratville live and breathe the ongoing media spectacle which ties our hands, wastes our time, and prevents strategic dialogue and action.
When will the government trade away media releases for some strategic economic planning?
Save our water Gunna and skip the Fracking – let us invest in our future and a NEW economy for the NT.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor