That’s one bloody big Basics Card! When we elect people …

Comment on GST billions yet we’re still the basket case by NW.

That’s one bloody big Basics Card!
When we elect people with no relevant experience, skills or knowledge skill to manage such a large budget why should we expect anything different?
Our political talent pool is officially a dried puddle.
It’s been a fun 40+ years but time to hand back the responsibility for running the Territory.
Get rid of (at least) one layer of pollies and departmental duplication.

NW Also Commented

GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
@ James T Smerk: It’s not just 25 year olds in Sydney (but I get where you’re coming from).
There are plenty of mixed race people who have grown up in Darwin (often referred to disparagingly in remote areas as “urban blackfellas”) who have probably had nil or minimal exposure to traditional culture.
They have had the same opportunities and access to other services as other residents.
As a direct result of their own lifestyle choices, they now cry poor bugger me and exploit special measures employment in the NT Government, business loans, race-specific health services, and sporting teams based on their “colour”.
South Africa got widely canned for exactly that!
Meanwhile, those suffering genuine disadvantage get whatever dollars trickle down. The system is broken – assess and fund on real need, not skin colour or a sliver of ancestry.

Recent Comments by NW

New tourism brand: Aborigines prominent – in brochures
Different in every sense – except when compared to the top halves of Queensland and WA. *sigh*

Desert Song: We are one and free
On one hand “we” are one and free … yet on the other, we want to be treated differently and separately to other Australians? Talk about mixed messages!

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
I think it can easily be re-worded to reflect the reality: The NT Government is “divided, lacks leadership and individual MLAs have put their own political interests above the interests of the people of the NT”.

Boy from The Centre to address UN Human Rights Council
Here we go again. Another child-puppet to tell adults how the world should operate.
Maybe he should lecture local Aboriginal and mixed race people first about to how to support their kids, teach them right from wrong and PREVENT them becoming 10 year old criminals requiring a custodial sentence?
Guess it’s easier to blame the white system and government – seems to be the scapegoat for everything these days.
Someone should introduce him to Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old mouthpiece and climate change expert without a science background.
Let kids be kids, not turn them into puppets who are easily manipulated.

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
Imagine what the TOTAL cost of this project is when you factor all the public servants, politicians and councillors who have put time into it.
Time to shelve the idea and, if there is real money available (not just increasing the debt), spend it on something useful to benefit the whole town, not feel-good symbolism. Surely there are far more worthwhile things that Alice needs?

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