All this money spent with so little to show for …

Comment on GST billions yet we’re still the basket case by G Drake.

All this money spent with so little to show for it.

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Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
Clearly? Very ironic that the minister for not answering questions would use that term. About the only clear thing about this whole scenario is that the Labour Party clearly have NFI what they are doing.

Gallery statement by ministers mischievous: Councillor
Ditto Mr Melky. The two ministers are like a couple of two year olds squabbling over a lollipop.

Ministers lash out at council over gallery
Maybe Moss and Wakefield need to ask why their offer is being rejected.
The Government has come in trying to be a bully and insist that everything has to happen because they want it to.
Pretty sure they won’t be around next year the way their government is going.
Personally I find the figures suggested as to how many “extra” tourists are going to come here per year to see this gallery is spin.
With the reputation Alice is getting for anti-social behaviour I think the numbers will drop.
If the government had tried working with the people from the start they might have got further.

Gallery business case slap in the face of custodians
Over 1000 extra visitors per week? Really? And up to 245 jobs.
I like the get out of jail phrase “up to”.
Maybe find out where it SHOULD be built to satisfy those who will most likely be supplying the stock first.

Debt-ridden govt wrests control of debt-free Transport Hall
We can only hope that they at least manage to continue to run this wonderful asset correctly but with the knowledge of how the NT Government operates I feel this is a nail in the coffin for RTH of F and another nail for Alice.
It will be amazing if the owners of many of the collections and vehicle allow them to stay under the “control” of NTG who seem incapable of controlling their own patch, least of all adding this well run organisation.

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