I think they shouldn’t go off the census data but …

Comment on GST billions yet we’re still the basket case by James T Smerk.

I think they shouldn’t go off the census data but more off birth stats, school records, hospital stats and prison stats.
Here is where you will identify who really needs the help not the 25 year old living in Sydney that thinks it’s cool or trendy to start claiming when they haven’t lived a moment in the culture. All level of government need to pull their heads out of the sand and sort it out already, the money tap is constantly running on full-bull and only drips are getting to the needy few.

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GST billions yet we’re still the basket case
Also if we really do need to supply housing to people wanting to live “on the land” why not bang out a stack of demountable housing?
They are cheap, say $50,000 as opposed to building a $600,000 standard house which takes four months and they only get two or three per community.
Everyone has a house and everyone is happy, ordinary repairs come out of royalties or government payment, then they might not get damaged so much. There is a huge saving for the government.

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Election 2020 salvos fired with Alice the first battleground
It’s doing my head in hearing about this gallery. It’s been promised for three years, and will most likely be a drawcard for both parties to yap on about in the coming election.
And may never happen as someone is always unhappy about whatever the outcome will be.
It reminds me of an old saying: “Sh#t or get off the pot.”
Can anyone come up with another achievable idea for the town, please?

Conflict of interest raised in council’s rejection of gallery offer
Spot on Michael Dean.

Private $25m residential project for health staff
Geez, any walking distance on that road is not safe at all.
The hospital has a huge block surely they could have built something on the grounds to keep staff safe.
Isn’t that the same spot a doctor was hit in the head with a brick many years ago?
And am I right it isn’t even on the Melanka site? Geez, again space wasted.
This Sitzler mob are cleaning up on the big juicy government money of town. I thought those mob left Alice Springs and moved to Darwin years ago.

Old visitors centre trashed
I would be willing to wager it has been empty since they moved out years ago!
And wouldn’t be surprised if the damage bill would be in the six figure range, and the perpetrators were never dealt with by the law as the flawed CCTV of town is basically for show and the justice system (courts) isn’t working to deter anything.

Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
The fact of it is the culture is in free fall.
The once noble and respected ways of the past are no more and it really is a free for all now.
Trying to hold one others accountable and make them respect other tribes’ wishes isn’t ever going to happen.
The only sense of pride comes from the elder generation the resulting generations aren’t interested in maintaining this grand aspect of their culture.
So while I agree with the suggestion Ted makes with giving the Arranta people more of a voice, what good is it if no one listens?

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