The NT Government should shut down direct flights into Ayers …

Comment on Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory by Local Thinker.

The NT Government should shut down direct flights into Ayers Rock from interstate and make Alice the transitional tourist route to as it once was, and things would instatntly return back to where they were in the late 80s and 90s.
A laid-back, busy, vibrant, ecconomically viable and safe tourist town.
The local hospitality, accomodation and tour operator / bus bussinesses would once again flourish, and the ecconomic benefits would again trickle down as they once did.
Or alternatively make tourists who fly direct into Ayers Rock from interstate pay a price / tax premium for doing so, with cheaper flights available via Alice.
The blame for the demise of Alice over the last 25 to 30 years should be laid squarely at the feet of those in their ivory towers who conjured up and approved the development of Ayers Rock Airport and direct flights into it from interstate. And on occaisions even international charters.
They should be ashamed of the results of their misconceived endeavours and machinations.
The demise of Alice is similar to the demise of many small towns worldwide which have been made redundant and able to be bypassed by new a highway or ring-road developments which take traffic and the movement of people out of them.
People would still come to the see the magnificenence of Ayers Rock, however it takes to get there.
And Alice would reap the benefits once again.

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Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
Sorry Wazza, the privatisation of Qantas has little to do with Alice’s declining tourism industry.
The decline over many years can be directly tracked to the initial and ongoing inceasing level of development of Yalara’s now “international” capable airport.
Before the development of the Yulara international airport for larger aircraft and increased passanger capacities in the early to mid 1990s (from memory by the Perron or Stone Governments, I think, but could be wrong) tourists had to first either A) drive or B) fly into Alice first then either catch a smaller airplane or bus, or hire a car to get down to The Rock.
Now just about everyone flies over the top of Alice getting to The Rock and back home again, whether that be national or intrenational tourists.
We need to put a “cost premium” passenger tax on direct flights into and out of Yulara to incentivise more people to come through Alice … like they used to.

Council: fob off, rejection, and secret moves
Alex: The problem is the NT Government don’t own the Melanka Site.
It’s privately owned (by Queensland slot machine interests I believe) and from what I gather is for sale at a very high price tag due to the current incurred and accrued cost over time it now owes its owners.

National Indigenous Art Gallery future in doubt: Gunner
Whats wrong with one of the two, huge, vacant NT Government owned, TC Zoned (Tourist Commercial) blocks of land behind the Casino on Stephens Road?
Great views of the Ranges and Gap, surrounded by tourist and hospitailiy venues, and walking distnace to the CBD?
.And did I mention it is NT Government owned?!

Coles Mural: Government, Heritage Council fall silent
Minister Moss basically hung her hat on the fact only one submission was recieved during the 28 day public exhibition period. That from the building owner who objected to the heritage listing proposal.
On the other hand, her NTG colleague Minister Eva Lawler totally ignored 75 objections against (versus two in support of) the proposed Albrecht Oval lights received during the same 28 day public exhibition period / process.
Go figure?
They do what suits their own agenda.

Albrecht oval lights a boon for sport, town: Cricket boss
Mike, perhps you should acquaint yourself with the community consulaton process and report carried out for proposed Gardens Oval lights.
This nine week, 50k community consultation process, and 176 page final report relates to proposed floodlighting which will be shorter, dimmer, five times further away from resdinces, and turned off earlier, at 9pm, instead of 10pm, than those proposed for Albrecht.
Surely the residents of Larapinta deserve the same level of consultation, and the proposal the same level of scrutiny, than those in Darwin?
Or is the Berimmah Line still in play?
A positive outcome of this situation, given the current proposed relocation of Rugby from Anzac Hill (whcih I understand Rugby now agress with) via Town Council and NT Government continuing negotiations, could be the provision of an additional first class footy / cricket Oval at the new rugby home, within a new dedicated sports precinct, with lights, but located in a more suitable location where residents will not be detrimentally affected.
This scenario would actually increase the number of ovals available for sports and take the pressure of Traeger and Albrecht, for the benefit of everyone.
It would be a win win situation for all stakeholders over the long term.
There’s also no room for exapnsion at Albrecht Oval. And the land zoning (PS) does not support further developing Albrecht into a smaller version of Traeger (OR).
Ps.: The lighting I noted was Level 1, 750 lux (not 1750 lux).
And what do you mean by my conflict of interest? I’m a Larapinta resident.

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