Pine Gap to buy electricity from NT Government

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Sir – Territory Generation is finalising a commercial 15-year agreement to supply electricity to the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap.


This will not only provide a more efficient supply of electricity to Pine Gap, but the increased demand will support a stable baseload for Alice Springs, increasing efficiency and reliability of the electricity supply to the town.


New transmission infrastructure including a new power line will be constructed, creating up to 30 new local jobs over 12 months, scheduled to start in early 2019.


This significant infrastructure investment will be funded and owned by the Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap.


The agreement is aligned with Territory Generation’s continued focus on optimising existing assets and infrastructure to provide a stable and reliable energy mix by utilising Territory Generation’s existing gas generators, while allowing more room in the load profile for the addition of increased renewable energy on the Alice Springs network.


Tim Duignan

Territory Generation Chief Executive Officer (pictured)




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  1. John Waterhouse
    Posted February 17, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    I was lead to believe that Pine Gap used 110 volt at 60 cycles as against our 240 volt 50 cycles, how are they going to work together?

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