Of course there are no subsidies going towards environmental issues. …

Comment on Miners are spreading myths, says environmentalist by John Hagan.

Of course there are no subsidies going towards environmental issues.

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Politicking or community: What to do about youth crime?
Evelyne Roullet: My God, what planet are you living on.

Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
Francis. Please tell us why he is wrong.

OK from environment watchdog for Ammaroo phosphate mine
In reply to Dr Who. What has this mine got to do with the Artesian Basin? It is not even close to the basin and would not be drawing water from it.

She lived where life is what you make it
Sorry to hear of your loss, old school mate.

Harts Range to Stuart Highway to be “all bitumen”
In reply to Surprised. There are plenty of rugged roads around Alice Springs without having the Plenty Highway one of them.
A lot of business people (including stations) would use this road to get their goods from Queensland and also sending cattle to Queensland. As the road becomes rugged each year they have to go to Tennant and onto Mt Isa-Winton etc. Winton is 450 kilometres closer if you go through Boulia, so imagine how much money is saved each trip.

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