Jimmy Cocking is unfairly wrong. Does he drive around in …

Comment on Miners are spreading myths, says environmentalist by Ken.

Jimmy Cocking is unfairly wrong.
Does he drive around in in the Arid Environment 4WD Troopy going bush using diesel fuel? He does not have to pay for the 4WD car or the 4WD truck as they are gratuitously supplied. And the diesel fuel is paid by his department. The Toyota vehicles came from iron mined in WA and the diesel from “mined” oil in the ground. The oil changes also go back into the environment. Such hypocrisy! Or has he forgotten?
The NT has no relevant mines where Queensland and Western Australia are supported my mining income. The unemployment in the NT among in particularly the Indigenous Australians is mind shattering as well as their inability to enable reconciliation.
Mining can/will change this and enable health, education and self esteem among the traditional owners to achieve reconciliation.
Alice Springs is a frontier town and the NT government is bankrupt.
My experience is the search for minerals. I have found a diamond deposits out bush. It took me some 25 years ago (one third of a lifetime) to gain access to that land through the Central Land Council and the Resources Mines and Energy of the government. There are three if not four diamond deposits rivaling Argyle Diamond Mines in WA.
It was the gross stupidity of the NT Government in the Resources section and the thinking of the mining and legal section of the land council that lost for the NT $30 billion in mining royalties and $30 billion to the land council in royalties (under the Land Right Act 1976).
The Australian exports would have been like $100 billion of diamond products.
Alice Springs would have become the diamond selling and cutting center.
The Aboriginal women instead on sitting down in the Todd and on the Stuart Terrace could be trained with their artistic skills to cut diamonds instead of paint: Maybe overall 500 Aboriginal people earning big money both at the mine site(s) and in Gap Road?
The income from this mining and diamond processing would have funded schools and teachers on communities who were not “fundamentalist” personages.
That income belongs in effect to the traditional owners on whose land the deposit lies and not going overseas or interstate to buy land and buildings elsewhere? There are two (maybe three) diamond pipes and one dyke 800 meters long containing diamonds.
CRA/RTS was thwarted back in 1994 obtaining search and exploration permits for diamonds under the Land Rights Act when also retired Geologist Frank Hughes (who found the Argyle Diamonds) spent six months out bush on that area. While he found the diamond indicators the NT lost big time on the adjoining WA border. Alice Springs lost big time in becoming the diamond selling and processing capital of Australia.
The multiplier effect of $100 billion in the Territoty and Alice Springs would be inestimable.
Wake up, environmentalist Cocking!

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