Ermm. Interesting letter, Ken. Love to have a yarn with …

Comment on Miners are spreading myths, says environmentalist by Chris Slater.

Ermm. Interesting letter, Ken. Love to have a yarn with you one day.
In the meantime Councillor Jimmy who is taking a nice sum from the ratepayers purse to focus on the little issues in town might like to take a subsidised drive along Hayes Street, The Gap.
Perhaps then he may be able to tell me why I pay rates the same as a leafy suburb in Adelaide and yet endure an over-grown track that passes for a footpath, dead wood and rubbish that is potentially a fire hazard and an unacceptable mess and eyesore at the Gap Road end.
I don’t think there has been any real maintenance on Hayes Street in two years.
So forget the big issues Jimmy, do your job.

Recent Comments by Chris Slater

Who gets free quarantine here? Wakefield passes buck.
The minister for evasion. I heard her dodging around questions on ABC Alice Springs this morning.
Let’s face it, none of them are up to it.
With no real leadership how do we avoid the disaster that is surely coming?
We are being prepped for their so called new normal. Lives will be sold out for the dollar.
Common sense will not prevail and in the end chaos will.

Interstate COVID hotspots: Will the bad guys get caught?
Mr Gunner is somewhere in Alice today but only the true believers will get to see him.
“Same response as above – zilch.” Zilch about sums him up.

10 years for people recruiting kids to commit crimes
Best part of four years in power and suddenly you’re listening to the people.
If per chance you did get re elected the first adverse ABC report or bit of pressure from a faceless adviser would see your tough new measures vanish faster than a prawn at a pensioners lunch.
Never mind donkeys Alex Nelson, Mr Gunner assumes we are half witted sheep.

Person offences up, property down, in lock-down month
Erm … strong case for curfew. But you can bet the faceless experts who are never challenged for their failed touchy feel good programs of no blame and no accountability will have all the answers.

Curfew a child protection measure: Territory Alliance
Four years and millions of dollars have been channeled into soft options and so called diversions. Clearly an absolute failure. Look at last night’s crime spree and prove me wrong.

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