The reason I love the NT is because it is …

Comment on Tourist perished: Has Coroner’s recommendation been followed? by Chris.

The reason I love the NT is because it is not yet a nanny state, full of rules stopping people from doing certain things.
I am sure that all of these people if you asked them were quite aware of the risks, unfortunately there is no telling some people.
I too have advised some people not to travel certain areas because of risks but was ignored because some people think they know best.
Nowadays we just seem to always be looking to blame someone else when things go wrong.
Most places that I am aware of do have warning signs about adequate water and extreme heat.
If we look at when we had open speed limits and people were expected to think for themselves, I was told most people were actually travelling slower than 130kmh and no deaths.
Maybe we just need more people to take responsibility for themselves and promote it that way.
Not trying to be harsh and I do feel sorry for the people involved but by pushing responsibility back on to risk takers may have them thinking twice.

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