L am very much enjoying these articles. My partner was Bill …

Comment on Kids from The Alice: When Malcolm met Menzies by Maureen Ola.

l am very much enjoying these articles.
My partner was Bill Espie. He is in the photo with Father Smith and Mrs Smith at the side of the house.
Charlie and three others – Malcolm, Vince? And maybe Ernie?
I remember Bill telling me about Malcolm dying on the plane.
He was in his early 30s, from memory.
Then Peter Tillmouth died also young in a mine at Andamooka.
I still have the papers they sent Bill when they finally managed to bring his remains home.
My Bill lived till the early 70s. He retired as the highest ranked comissioned officer of Aboriginal descent in the whole of the Australian police forces.
He was also recipient of many awards for excellence to duty and was awarded by the Queen and written up in the London Gazette.

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