And in Darwin flood mitigation has been addressed with major …

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And in Darwin flood mitigation has been addressed with major headworks.
How about Alice Springs CBD and The Gap? There is still not a murmur on when Alice Springs will have increased protection on an inevitable Todd River flood.
Thanks Alice Springs News for keeping this on the government’s agenda.

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The Big One that could end the gloom
Also built in the flood zone, but a preventable disaster if a simple flood levy was built.
Wake up CLP, my protest vote, amongst others, will rid you of the responsibility of governing after the next election.

TIO sold
Alice Springs has a preventable disaster pending.
We can build a flood mitigation levy north of the town with proceeds from TIO and a compensation to traditional owners factored in. What government will commit to this will get my vote and I hope many other in Alice Springs.
Let’s bring back the talk of the levy before the new Melanka floods, not after! As well as the hospital, police station, court house and of course the fire station as well.

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