I have also been in Alice for a long time …

Comment on Adelaide’s Indigenous gallery out of the starting blocks by Brett.

I have also been in Alice for a long time and have seen Alice grow through hard times and good.
It was a disgrace to see the mud slinging going on over this gallery.
The government dished to us Alice Springs people a pie.
I admit it was not a great pie but instead of embracing this opportunity to make it something great, for not only ourselves but our kids to be proud of on both side of the fence, everyone had to have a say and stick there grotty fingers into it.
By the end its was destroyed and no one wanted a piece of it. Now South Australia have made their own pie and they seem to be making into something every one would like piece of.
SA tourism, SA government, SA people will prosper from a good slice and the Aboriginal people will finally have a place that they can show the WORLD their heritage, and also tell them how proud they are of being Aboriginal.
While we here in Alice sit on our spotty behinds with our sticky fingers and watch the planes fly over our heads.

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Old tree danger: council was told two years ago
This is not the first time. I have reported two trees that are on Smith Street near Home Timber and Hardware.
These trees are leaning over so far that they are leaning on the trees across the road.
They are starting to rip up the side walk and road.
Trucks have hit the main trunk as evident in photos supplied.
The weight of the limbs would be in the tonnes.
This is an accident waiting to happen, that they fall and crush a car, coach or truck.
The council never replied to my concerns or acknowledged they received my report.

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