Great historic photos. Some of the people in the group …

Comment on The stolen child who went to university by Hank.

Great historic photos. Some of the people in the group photo look familiar. That may be a very young Charlie Perkins sitting in front of the Sister, with his head turned to his left.

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Leslie Nayda: Alice boy reaches top of SA public service
Thanks for this story John. Les was always fighting for better outcomes for his people. I’m enjoying this series.

Alice Bungalow kid Wally McArthur ran with ‘fire and grace’
What a remarkable man. I never knew about Wally McArthur and all that he achieved. Thank You.

I never found my mother
Just amazed at the difficulty for Millie to make contact with her Uncle Albert Namatjira.
Such diffficult times for Aboroginal people. Very much enjoyed the story. Thank You.

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