I am amazed at how quickly the Alice Springs commentariat …

Comment on Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking by Domenico Pecorari.

I am amazed at how quickly the Alice Springs commentariat moved the discussion from council’s unanimous decision “That LGANT call on the Northern Territory Government to support the development of Emergency Management Plans for heatwaves to reduce the risk to life and livelihoods in both regional and urban areas.”, to a round circle debate about the validity of climate change. One fact that cannot denied is the growing concern that Australian voters have with politicians that still question the science and are happy to gamble with the futures of our children’s and grand-children. Whatever happened to the precautionary principle?

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Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
@ Dave. I apply the precautionary principle in regard to both heatwaves and carbon emissions.
After many years of reading on the subject, I also have no more time to waste upon endless “discussions” and climate change deniers.
We need action and we need it now. I stand by my previous post.

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The water is there, but our swamp is dying
A very timely story for a much undervalued part of Alice Springs, the Coolabah Swamp, which is being kept alive thanks to the hard work of Jude Prichard and her team of volunteers.
This place was where I first saw the iconic coolabah trees in 1984, shortly after first coming to Alice Springs, and it has angered me how successive Territorian and local governments have overseen its deterioration with through roads and drainage systems that have undermined the natural conditions upon which the swamp depends.
As a town, we have engineered a stormwater drainage system that works to get the water out through The Gap as quickly as possible, something that I believe is contributing to the occasional flooding of our town centre and retards the re-charge of our town basin aquifer, which is said to be at a critically low level and possibly contributing to our tree losses in summer. Time for a re-think, in my opinion, particularly as we confront inevitable climatic changes. Perhaps we should see the swamp as Nature had intended: as a relief valve for floodwaters when the Todd River rises above its banks. Perhaps we should use our drainage system as a catch-and-store mechanism that can replenish the town basin in medium downpours and retard water trying to get through The Gap in heavier storms. It is a big job, much too big for any volunteer group. It requires a cultural change in our political leadership and for them to step up to the task.

Removing blankets from public places
I have often thought that Alice Springs Town Council should provide secure lockers, accessible 24/7, at its public toilets and showers located to the southern side of the council building,
This would be a broadening of the range of public amenities the council already provides, such as bench seating, drinking fountains, etc.
This would alleviate the need for the homeless to stash their belongings in less secure places.
All part of a more “sharing and caring” community, if that is what we aspire to be.

Gallery opponents, grandstand friends
Great work, Erwin.
I had to read the story twice, but still cannot make up my mind if it was more like a Monty Python sketch or an episode of Yes Minister.

Mayor’s ‘conflict of interest’ issues need more work
Attending last Tuesday night’s ASTC meeting I was most struck by the arrogance displayed by Mayor Ryan in vehemently denying Cr Cocking’s assertion that he was using his same Facebook account to disseminate posts reflecting both of his positions: as our town’s Mayor and as the selected CLP candidate for the seat of Araluen.
My temporary doubt in Jimmy Cocking’s usually meticulous fact-checking abilities were put to rest by the photographic evidence in the last story on the matter (Alice Springs News, January 29) showing that our mayor’s FB account, “Damien Ryan”, is indeed posting “good news” stories relating to his role as mayor, as well as “political” posts as the candidate for the CLP.
Was it a genuine mistake by members of Ryan’s political support group or was it an indignant denial of the facts (that is to say, a lie) in the public arena of a council meeting?
Either way, our mayor proved, for me, that he is perfectly qualified to be a candidate for a conservative political party.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
Thanks Rainer, for another very interesting read. I recommend readers also visit Rainer’s previous article (from April 2018), the insightful “Youth crisis: broken window of tolerance”. Just click on the link at the end of this article.

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