Where is the youth drop-in centre? …

Comment on Emergency Dept presentations back up assault stats by Watch’n.

Where is the youth drop-in centre?

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Anger with out-of-control kids: council needs to step up
Lucky we don’t have much sniffable substances around these days. Petrol nearly gone, deodorant locked up, paint and glue locked up, access to alcohol greatly reduced. The parents of this generation had it much harder. Gov and NGOs need to pull their finger out, get the kids off the street, out of jail, and then their children in 10 years might have a chance.

Council’s ambitious solar plan: 100% of what?
$230,000 on the FOGO trial?
That would be worth looking into.

Man robbed, but wait, there’s so much more on FB
Since I left this site, most reports are out of mind. Yeah stuff still goes on, but I will hear about it through official sources or work mates. Or not at all.

Family style approach to help troubled children
Or simply, the current contracts for the existing resi houses are up for renewal.

Lack of consultation on sex services
What about sly groggers?

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