I can only agree with Scott McConnell’s hope for an …

Comment on Scott McConnell now to vote as an Independent by Domenico Pecorari.

I can only agree with Scott McConnell’s hope for an “economically equitable, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive Territory,” to which I would humbly add “culturally vibrant”.
The Alice Springs Town Council is proceeding with the development of an Alice Springs Master Plan, a vision for the town and the Central Australian region.
We need more people like you, Scott, who can look beyond what’s in it for themselves and focus on what is beneficial to the whole community.
I for one would like to wish you good luck in your new role and look forward to your contributions in developing a better future for all Territorians.

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Alice students fire up for climate action
How disappointing to read the comments posted by Peter Wilkins, Davo and IDO, all of whom have stated classic arguments of climate change deniers, all of which have been discounted by the science. It is because of your stubborn scepticism that our youngsters have to march in the streets to have their concerns heard. Good on our students, I say, and on their informed parents.

Council: push to declare climate emergency backfires
It seems to me that some of our more thin-skinned councillors need to focus less upon their hurt feelings and read more.
As Tim Flannery writes, only today, in his opinion piece in The Conversation: “Many climate scientists think we are already so far down the path of destruction that it is impossible to stabilise the global temperature at 1.5℃ above the pre-industrial average without yet to be developed drawdown technologies such as those that remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. On current trends, within a decade or so, stabilising at 2℃ will likewise be beyond our grasp.
And on the other side of that threshold, nature’s positive feedback loops promise to fling us into a hostile world. By 2100 — just 80 years away — if our trajectory does not change, it is estimated that Earth will be 4℃ warmer than it was before we began burning fossil fuels.”
If this does not constitute an emergency in their minds, I don’t know what will.
To Cr Cocking and the other progressives on council, I say: keep up the good fight.

Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
Wonderful news! Now I feel real hope for Alice Springs to moving towards a true reconciliation with the original inhabitants of central Australia. Thank you Cr Satour for your persistence and a big thank you also to the traditional owners for their patience.

‘Voter apathy greatest threat to Territory democracy’
Some great comments here.
I too believe in compulsory voting, but on the condition that an addition box be included on ballot papers, reading: “NONE OF THE ABOVE”.
This would give the disenfranchised voter the opportunity to register their dissatisfaction with the crops of candidates on offer, surely a vital part of any so-called democracy.
If a majority votes “None Of The Above”, then fresh elections may be called with, of course, fresh candidates.

Minister Lawler determined to demolish Anzac High
This story is so reminiscent of the public fight to save the Alice Springs Gaol in Stuart Terrace, next to the RFDS, against a then CLP minister determined to demolish everything on the site.
Same with our Old Hartley Street School, which the council of the time wanted to demolish so as to have more car-parking!
I’d have hoped that we lived in more enlightened and culturally-aware times but, sadly, it seems not.

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