Well, I can only hope this will help. Friday night …

Comment on Youth workers on the streets from 8pm to 3am by Colin J Dawson.

Well, I can only hope this will help. Friday night at the Stott Tce bridge our taxi was targeted again. $800 new tailgate windshield.
This taxi has been done four times in the last three weeks, outlaying nearly $2500 in replacement glass.
Will youth workers stop that? I can only hope, as my wallet is becoming very empty and I’m really thinking about not operating at night.

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Air traffic: Looking down on Alice
It’s all well and good we blame the government but Alice Springs people voted them. We were lucky when Giles was in power he lived here and looked after both Alice Springs and Darwin.
So the writing is on the wall. You voted Labor in, so stop complaining that they are not looking after Alice Springs.

NATS: Petrol heads rule
Awesome! Great for Alice Springs!
As the manager of taxis we would like to apologize to our visitors as many customers were ringing for taxis. It was great and we did our best to keep up with the demand.
Well done again for an awesome event. Loved it. Thank you to all the interstate visitors doing the trip to our town to make this an event to remember.

Congress call: Put full-time police back at bottle-shops
Well maybe just maybe the Aboriginal organisation should close down the 3 IGA liquor stores. It is amazing they are profiting from their own people.

What REALLY goes on in our streets: Youth worker
The suggestion: Royalty moneys.
I’m sure if the kids, let’s say, Tom, Dick and Harry caused $5000 worth of damage and are linked to the families that receive this money it should be removed before allocated to them and explain that the money removed is going to the victims to whom Tom, Dick and Harry caused.
I’m sure the families would stop this crop goining on very quickly if they lose their royalties.
This financial year I’m out of pocket $2,600, this is just my car. Many owners are in the same place.

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