Oil will still be part of the energy mix until …

Comment on Gas fracking: Who forgot the oil? by Tony.

Oil will still be part of the energy mix until huge uptake of electric cars, buses, bikes replaces it. Lithium extraction, and financing is currently difficult, even with 20% year on year demand growth. Saudi Arabia is planning and implementing an exit strategy from oil exports by going high tech as an export nation over the next 25 years. Many European countries won’t ban new ICE cars and trucks until 2040, some by 2030.
The Northern Territory can export their gas and oil to Asia, Europe, and the USA until then, while employing more people, increasing their tax base substantially, and develop more industries such as Lithium battery manufacturing.
Mining also employs, and trains, many Aboriginal kids with no other choices towards their futures. These developments need engineers, builders, contractors, food and beverage facilities, and many other skilled staff. I don’t see any other industry putting up their hands to give young people skills and a future in large numbers in these remote areas.
I personally ride an electric motorbike with a lithium iron phosphate battery that costs next to nothing to run and I can park anywhere.
Toorak Tractor driving wankers that never go off-road should have to pay a congestion tax in the cities.

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor