My position is that the base does FAR more good …

Comment on Liberals and Labor: Tweedledum and Tweedledee on Pine Gap by Chris Tangey.

My position is that the base does FAR more good than bad in the world, and if that makes it a nuclear target then that is the price of freedom. I don’t speak idly either, but with skin in the game. I live 10k closer to it than anyone North of the Gap. If you would prefer Russia or China as the world policeman remember the old adage, “be careful what you wish for”.

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End of search for Monika Billen
New Tech: As somebody who was out there reporting on the search, and also is a drone pilot for a living, you might do well to check your facts.
You need the right tool for the job.
The police drone was used in the town only, which is a much better option than running a Bell Jetranger back and forth at low level over suburbia.
The helicopter however did a fantastic job sweeping back and forth on the range from Jessie Gap almost back to town. $100,000 drone system? You kidding?
The police already use a perfectly adequate $2500 drone that is highly manouverable and captures both 4K video and high res stills.
A more expensive system would make zero difference. The fact is, neither the helicopter nor drone were capable of spotting the body as it was under foliage.

Birth registrations Bill: How many genders are there?
The Marxists are well and truly entrenched in the ALP and it seems. The local branch don’t have the guts to stand up to them either. There are only two sexes, scientific fact.

Farm area needs better broadband: Paech
Well done Chansey. I really hope rural residents get behind you.
In my businesses’s case we are just 9km from the post office, within the legal boundary of one of the most modern towns in Australia, but forced to use a poor standard satellite service if we want NBN!
Who would put up with that on the other side of the range?
Either we are part of Alice Springs or we aren’t. Not only for residents either, what about the huge numbers of people who come south of the Gap for events, Old Timers fete, the Show, the Drags, Finke desert race and staff at Desert Knowledge, Yirara, the jail, Parks HQ, Brewer estate.
NBN promised us they would deliver a high speed service and so far they have failed miserably.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
@ Domenico: Please try to present a reasoned response. Producing strawman propositions out of thin air on things I have clearly neither said nor insinuated is not helpful to the discussion.

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
More “one size fits all policy” with local government yet again exceeding its mandate.
I wholeheartedly agree with a total ban on exploration fracking in our area, because that is what the scientific evidence indicates, and that’s where the Council should have left it.
To support a total ban Territory-wide is meaningless and doesn’t recognise that much of the NT has hydrology VERY different to the East Coast.
It seems nobody can have a nuanced, intelligent discussion any more. It is always all or nothing, black or white. The reality is the real world exists in the million shades of grey in between.

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