You have to be kidding right? So the current NT …

Comment on Booze action pays dividends: Fyles by Chris.

You have to be kidding right? So the current NT government removed the POSIs, and allows chaos to descend, then panics, introduces a heap of rubbish, like floor pricing which has no effect, reintroduces the POSIs at the same time to cover their incompetence, and now wants a pat on the back for their effort. Give me a break, they are fooling no one.

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Firm ‘no’ from PM, Scullion to bailing out ‘bankrupt’ Territory
Sounds like the NT Labor government has been taking financial lessons from certain people on the streets, humbugging.
It still really irritates me that if a company director etc. mismanages a company, they can be prosecuted and lose everything and get jail time, but its quite OK if you are a politician.
Not only do they get away with such things but are actually rewarded for them.
If [they even book] a taxi with the government’s purse, [should they be] charged with trading whilst insolvent?

Kittles car yard hit again
I have said it before and ill say it again. Find out which community they belong to, and when it comes time to receive royalty money, take the money that is owed from that community including administration fees, and let them know why they can’t afford their new cars.
See what happens to the youth then.

Alcohol reform: the ins and outs
@ Paul: No-one is allowed to take alcohol in to a dry community.
The government isn’t banning them from drinking alcohol, its banning take away for certain people who have nowhere to drink. They can still go to the pub where the publican can control the amount they have through responsible service.
It is already happening at remote places in the Territory where certain people from dry communities can’t get takeaway but can drink at the pub.
The problem is when they drive to Alice Springs and load up with as much cheap grog as they can.

Alcohol reform: the ins and outs
Paul, it is basically what the police were doing in the first place which, whether we like it or not, was very successful in reducing alcohol related problems.
Ask the police and nurses in the hospital. Only difference is, its not using police resources.
Couldn’t agree more that prohibition does create a market for illegal trade which is why I suggested the yellow for restricted trade.
Not a perfect solution but better than the others I have heard, apart from taking away sit down money and using basics cards.

Alcohol reform: the ins and outs
Here is an idea!
Since everyone has to show ID when purchasing alcohol, why not automatically put everyone on the BDR who resides in a dry community, (black or white).
OR instead of having a simple SALE (open slather Green) or NO SALE (Red).
Why not have a yellow for restricted, so certain people can’t buy cheap wine, bottles of spirits etc.
Lets face it, prohibition rarely works, as they may just find a substitution, deodorant / glue / petrol sniffing etc.
Maybe have the restricted sales to mid-strength cans only. It is hot and dry in Central Australia and everyone should be able to have a beer (until proven otherwise for crime etc.)
This way, businesses are little affected, and the government still gets the large tax income from alcohol. Surely its worth a try?
As for the little dears running amok in town at night causing damage, since the parents seem to not want to do too much, why not take the damage out of their next royalties payment.
When mum and dad can’t afford their new Commodore cause little Johnny went on a crime spree, maybe they will “take care of him” next time.
Just a thought!

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