In 2013, as Tourism Minister I personally tasked my Central …

Comment on Ghan walk: Signs of the times by Matt Conlan.

In 2013, as Tourism Minister I personally tasked my Central Australian advisor Adrian Renzi with restoring the signs out the front of the Alice Springs Post Office. They too were in appalling condition. I felt this was of some importance considering their prominent location and indeed the stories they told.
From memory funding and the restoration came from the Department of Arts and Museums. (I was also Arts Minister during this period).
A call to Adrian might clear up some of these details but in the end it was a pretty simple and inexpensive exercise: A clear and firm direction from the appropriate Minister.
Maybe TCA could approach the current Tourism Minister and ask that they do the same.
In hindsight, I wish I had also restored the signs at the Discovery Walkway. Regretfully it wasn’t something I noticed at the time.

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