Hermann, all those skills have not been lost. They remember …

Comment on Fixing taps or fixing policy? by Colin Saunders.

Hermann, all those skills have not been lost. They remember how to hot wire a car.

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US military base in Darwin: what risk to NT?
There were no USA troops in the NT in 1942.

The tree or the bench?
It was placed there one morning by a public servant.

Heatwaves need to be treated as emergencies: Cr Cocking
I believe in climate change. It has been going on for 4.5+ billion years.
Look at the MacDonnell Range which is Precambrian. Precambrian is only about 500+ million years.
I left the Centre about 10 years ago after spending over 40 years in the NT.
I don’t know Cr Jimmy Cocking but I bet he is a water watermelon.
In 1965 there were few airconditioned cars or houses in The Centre but they were the days when men were men and ladies were happy.

Australia Day: Alice’s role in it
I have always believed that Terry McCumeski (not sure if his name is spelt thus) had a lot to do with the Australia Day thing and was the instigator in Apex so doing.

Manison: No slash and burn approach to fiscal emergency
Fancy having a Treasurer with a journo education. They may need to bring back Clare Martin.
Well the people of the NT got what they voted for. Even a taxi driver knows you can not spend more than you earn.
However, the people who voted for the present NT government should pay and not all the community.
It is a fact that approximately 30% to 35% of the NT population contribute nothing to the economy except for Federal Government hand-outs.
In closing, who is the Phantom? Does not have the guts to put their name to what they write.

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