Gunner muzzles Independents, now seven of them

2592 Robyn Lambley (ABC pic) OKLETTER TO THE EDITOR


Sir – On February 14 the seven Independent Members of the NT Legislative Assembly wrote to the Chief Minister asking for an increase in resourcing, given that the number of Independents recently rose from five to seven, with the addition of the two exiled Labor Members Jeff Collins and Scott McConnell.


The Independents received a response from the Chief Minister on March 8 stating that the level of resourcing would not be increased.


The seven Independents share just two A05 Resources Officers, employed by the NT Legislative Assembly.


Unlike other staff employed to help Members of Parliament with their Parliamentary work, these staff are under strict instructions of what they can and cannot do.


They are not allowed to write speeches or media statements. They are only allowed to provide information, under the supervision of the Clerk.


The Chief Minister’s decision to deny the Independents a greater level of assistant commensurate with the increase in their number is a sign of just how desperate Gunner is to keep control of his sinking ship.



It is accepted in politics that a good Government needs a good Opposition.


Gunner is too ignorant to work that out. With almost one-third (seven out of 25 Members) of the NT Parliament made up of Independent Members, this is an opportunity to operate our Parliament differently, more accurately and democratically reflecting Territorians.


Rejecting the idea of Independents being able to form the Official Opposition and now starving them of the assistance they need to perform properly in Parliament, is a sad indictment of a desperate Chief Minister.


Robyn Lambley MLA

Independent Member for Araluen




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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Al
    Posted March 11, 2019 at 10:13 am

    Except you aren’t the Opposition are you?
    You are an independent looking out for your own interests.
    Maybe if you worked together in the interests of all people in the Territory you would deserve more of the public funds.

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