62 People in the photo. I asked a participant how …

Comment on Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action by Phantom.

62 People in the photo. I asked a participant how many were there and was told 70. 200 is a large extrapolation.
They came up with nor suggested alternatives.

Recent Comments by Phantom

Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves
Perhaps if people could recycle their grey water onto the trees and grass then less heat would be reflected and more trees saved. Make residents responsible for their verges would also assist.

Budget repair: Check out the cost of this load of rubbish
Erwin. Name and shame the people on the envelope. Address as well. I will go out load up the ute and return it to them.
It is the people who dumped it and if it is on Jay Creek could also be CLC problem. Not anyone else’s.

Move School of the Air to Anzac High building
Why foist this asbestos ridden, abused, vermin infested, disrespected, hell hole on a world iconic education and tourist facility?
The Anzac High School needs to be torn down. There are much more worthy sites for preservation and if the only thing that can be found to justify the retention of this eyesore is that it was once the home of the School of the Air then you are grasping at straws.
The school has adequate space. The school visitors’ centre needs lots more room.
To benefit the School of the Air build the gallery which will be a display gallery, not a commercial gallery.
Convert the oval space from recreational to passive green space and attract more tourists to Alice Springs and Central Australia who will spend money.

Help from fracking campaigner, or orchestrating students?
Oh dear Erwin. Presenting News. Both sides of the argument. How terrible are you (tongue in cheek).
The people who are supporting guiding and manipulating should be ashamed of them selves.
Most still a utilize carbon / fossil fuel based lifestyle.
Dis Ms Pietsch attend and partake in any of the organising meetings? Did ALEC do likewise?
More to the organisation of this event than meets the eye.

Help from fracking campaigner, or orchestrating students?
Left wing grooming by radical adult organisations. Not a youth run organised protest.

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