62 People in the photo. I asked a participant how …

Comment on Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action by Phantom.

62 People in the photo. I asked a participant how many were there and was told 70. 200 is a large extrapolation.
They came up with nor suggested alternatives.

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Curfew: sixth time lucky for Cr Melky?
There is no way a BY LAW that creates a curfew will be enforced by NT Police. Having the By Law is one thing. Enforcing it another. What do you do with the children found breaking the curfew? Incarceration, I can hear the screaming already. Return them to their seriously dysfunctional family, duty of care may be involved here. Can we legally apprehend children on a first offence? To get a prison sentence now takes more than one criminal conviction so being incarcerated (whatever you want to call it) for breach of a By-law will and should not be an option. Then if the Federal Government does not like these procedures they could override them as occurred with the Voluntary Euthanasia laws a few years ago.

Education is the only way this current lawlessness by these minors can be turned around.

Charge some of the parents with the available care laws and they may take notice then.

Learn Arrernte language online
I would like to congratulate the ladies on this initiative.
What a great way to learn more about the local Arrernte language and people.

Warlpiri don’t want Zachary Rolfe murder trial to be in Darwin
Do the Arrente want the trial in Alice Springs? No one has asked them.
Should the whole trial be held at Yuendumu in Warlpiri country?
Should we transport independent judges and jurors to Yuendumu daily to have the trial independent but on country?
Just some thoughts.

Tree death and the challenge of heatwaves
Perhaps if people could recycle their grey water onto the trees and grass then less heat would be reflected and more trees saved. Make residents responsible for their verges would also assist.

Budget repair: Check out the cost of this load of rubbish
Erwin. Name and shame the people on the envelope. Address as well. I will go out load up the ute and return it to them.
It is the people who dumped it and if it is on Jay Creek could also be CLC problem. Not anyone else’s.

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