I agree that there was rather too much adult involvement. …

Comment on Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action by Pat Beattie.

I agree that there was rather too much adult involvement.
Anti fracking triangles had obviously been distributed widely to those without placards.
An adult vegan activist got himself at the head of the parade initially.
This “coaching” disempowered the children and merely gives substance to the critics just ready to pounce.
I speak as someone who was there to lend moral support.

Recent Comments by Pat Beattie

“Our” Araluen too expensive?
The Alice Springs cinema also deserves community support.
The owner is trying to bring non-mainstream movies to town and holding the festival is part of that.
I agree more could be done to make it feel more social and interactive between movies.

The ABC, the Burka and equality
I thought your response was reasoned and reasonable Steve. Married people are not joined at the hip (nor the brain).
It seems to me that too many of the responses you have had are from people who would not be capable of such self scrutiny or frankness.
You and your wife seem to me to be open to difference and welcome the variety of people from different backgrounds who now call Alice Springs home. I endorse that.
Your wife was too hasty with a comment and has lived to regret it. It has probably been quite a learning curve for her of the power of words. Let she or he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Lambley broadside: Giles arrogant, dishonest
Unfortunately this is largely a name calling exercise without much substance. Examples of actions or words which clearly show a lack of integrity are needed to make a clear case.
These are not provided.
It is this lack of rigour and professionalism which reveals the amateurism of our current politicians.

Laid bare: what Desert Knowledge is doing, and what it is not
Incredibly disappointing. So much potential.

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