I agree that there was rather too much adult involvement. …

Comment on Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action by Pat Beattie.

I agree that there was rather too much adult involvement.
Anti fracking triangles had obviously been distributed widely to those without placards.
An adult vegan activist got himself at the head of the parade initially.
This “coaching” disempowered the children and merely gives substance to the critics just ready to pounce.
I speak as someone who was there to lend moral support.

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COVID: Trouble in the bush
While much of what you say is a reasonable expectation that people help themselves, what about the lack of housing, the overcrowding that is the everyday reality in these communities.
It’s a huge health and safety issue for both children and adults.
It’s not new but it’s being highlighted once again.
This is the base people on communities are operating from.
How much longer is it going to be tolerated? By the NT Government? By Aboriginal people themselves? By us the electorate of the NT in our urban comfort?
It reflects badly on everyone of us, I believe.

Interrogating council’s Climate Action Plan
Thanks to everyone involved in progressing Alice’s response to global warming.

I climbed Ayers Rock
I am not surprised there was no response to such loaded questions.

Tourism, salt and toxic waste, 780 metres below
The more provision we make for the storage of hazardous waste, the less the incentive to avoid creating it in the first place. I agree. It is the disposal of the waste which will bring in the money.

“Our” Araluen too expensive?
The Alice Springs cinema also deserves community support.
The owner is trying to bring non-mainstream movies to town and holding the festival is part of that.
I agree more could be done to make it feel more social and interactive between movies.

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