It is important to highlight that the protest was a …

Comment on Help from fracking campaigner, or orchestrating students? by Jordyn Kindness AYCC.

It is important to highlight that the protest was a student initiative regarding a very important topic.
The aim of the protest was to express our concerns to the government that, while we can all play a role to minimise our impact to climate change, we dearly wish the government to consider the longer-term ramifications of their decision making and the potential disastrous impact it might have on the global climate.
The students came together under the nationwide student movement, but we would also like to thank all who provided support, including the adults that attended as well as the Arid Lands Environment Centre. 
But we are concerned that our efforts might be minimised by stating that the protest was organised by adults, who were using students as a vehicle to address climate change.
For us as students, we do not believe this to be the case.
Our message is simple; we are united in our concern about climate change and we want the Australian government to know.

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