Can we spend money on the crime issues in this …

Comment on Gallery: The Gunner spin goes on by David.

Can we spend money on the crime issues in this town and let the art gallery go away. We don’t need another art gallery!

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Online hate speech by leading tourism figure
Seems Mr Thompson is expressing his views about what certain elements do at night by smashing windows etc.
The whole town is sick of it and businesses pay so much extra for insurance because of it.
Lock them up and throw away the key.
Nothing’s changed in 50 years with these people. The NT Government has no solution. And as for Southerners who comment and try to do something they have no idea of the problems faced here.
I don’t know of a real solution.
Excuses, excuses all the time from powers that be.

Aboriginal flag to fly year round on Anzac Hill
Wow … so now we have the Australian flag representing all the people living here in Australia and also a flag of a race of people (Aboriginal).
Can we presume we can perhaps have other races flags up there too now? Supposed to be one flag for the whole nation. No wonder there is still no real solution to the racial problems in this country when our supposed leaders divide the people.

Town under pressure from visitor boom
Great that tourist numbers are up now. After the Rock climb closes in October then I think that tourism to the Rock will down spiral.
Ohh … didn’t I hear the government say it was upgrading the airport there?
Seems a bit odd since tourism there will go down. And probably flow onto Alice also.
After all, why go here if you can’t climb the Rock? Enjoy it while we can. Tough times ahead?

Two injured in rock throwing
Lock them up. Why just give them diversion. Someone will be killed by these young kids soon.
This is where money needs to be sent in Alice Springs. Crime is out of control and no one has the right answers.
If they do the crime … they do the time.

Big crowd at local School Strike 4 Climate Action
Just another excuse for a day off from school. We have politicians to act on these things.
Sure, have a rally. But kids don’t vote and should be at school not protesting.
Leave it to the adults.
Half these young kids would have no idea what climate change actually is all about.

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