By the way, I am very happy if it does …

Comment on Private forecaster tips massive rains for Alice by Ruth Morley.

By the way, I am very happy if it does rain as this bloke predicts.

Ruth Morley Also Commented

Private forecaster tips massive rains for Alice
I recall when we had a “psychic” published in the Advocate forecasting rain for February a few years back … it never rained.

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Does non-citizen travel ban apply to US personnel at Pine Gap?
I find this alarming. Are incoming US personnel self isolating and being tested for COVID 19 or not?

Incoming Pine Gap personnel to self-isolate like everyone else
Very pertinent enquiry. Keep it up. We have the world’s oldest living civilisation on our doorstep in Central Australia and we must do everything in our power to limit the impact of COVID 19 on this vulnerable ancient people.

How hard is it to keep cattle out of a small conservation reserve?
It is extremely difficult to keep cattle, camels and horses out of conservation areas if there is feed or water in the conservation area.
Fences are destroyed by determined beasts and mustering is only as effective as the conduct of neighbouring graziers in minimising livestock numbers in areas adjacent to the conservation areas.

Park fire protection: new management plan doesn’t spell it out
Have a look at Central Australian Bushwalking Club facebook post of February 2, recommending as etiquette that bushwalkers carry lighters to set fire to other people’s left behind toilet paper. Unbelievable.

You can vote No with love: Alice priest
Your name looks Samoan to me. If so, Samoan culture includes Fa’afafine which is the specific embracing of homosexuality. Why not talk about that in your letter?

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