Not that we will hear about. Good old government cover …

Comment on Private forecaster tips massive rains for Alice by Watch’n.

Not that we will hear about. Good old government cover up.

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Bottle shop cops need to be brought into line: local chain
Not many people actually care about being checked or asked for ID and follow up questions.

Cooling streets: Bath St median strip top priority?
Any update on this?

Despite clear leads, no-one was punished for making this mess
Good luck to anyone who can work out who to call.

Why the NT Govt sacked the volunteers managing an icon
Just cant get my head around what is going on. Looking back, it started a few years ago. Is someone diddling books or doing dodgies or is the NT Government just stuffing it up?

Wakefield, Gunner release comprehensive youth crime plan
Will be alright if it goes for more than two years. No use supporting a 12 year old kid to get on the straight and narrow, only to dump them back on the street at age 15.

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