Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental. An Aboriginal owned …

Comment on Gas, oil royalties: 10% of what? by Frank Baarda.

Any similarity to real events is purely coincidental.
An Aboriginal owned enterprise had a 5% interest in a $30m mining contract (over a three year period).
The contract had a clause that 5.4% would be skimmed off for administration, legal costs and other such overheads.
By industry standards this is very reasonable.
The contract throughout its duration yielded a surplus of 5.3%. The Aboriginal owned enterprise got 5% of nothing.

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Warren Snowdon declared winner in Lingiari
Please Wazza. A bit of introspection.
You didn’t win, your opponents lost.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
@ Trevor Shiell: Just curious – where are these two helium producing wells?
Who owns them?

Mineral exploration on the way up
@ Trevor: A long time ago as a young geologist active in the oil, gas and mineral exploration industries I used to enthuse about the joys of going out bush looking for the next El Dorado.
You talk about Verdant Minerals. I could bore the readers with countless other examples, not least the activities of such as Glencore X-strata which I believe still control the world’s largest lead-zinc deposit at McArthur River.
Having spent four decades at the Aboriginal / Mining interphase, I won’t bother to fulminate about that right now.
All I can say is that in my opinion, if all we’re going to get is crumbs, we shouldn’t let them bake the cake in the first place.
And I’m not talking about only Aboriginal Australia.

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