Alex: The problem is the NT Government don’t own the …

Comment on Council: fob off, rejection, and secret moves by Local Thinker.

Alex: The problem is the NT Government don’t own the Melanka Site.
It’s privately owned (by Queensland slot machine interests I believe) and from what I gather is for sale at a very high price tag due to the current incurred and accrued cost over time it now owes its owners.

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Gallery: Anzac Oval still the sticking point
Council have approved the siting of the gallery at the ANZAC Oval Precinct?
Did they ask the ratepayers whom they represent and who pay their wages?
Where was the community consultation behind this decision making process?
Or don’t they think they need to consult with those they represent?
I can’t remember this being discussed or being a candidate election platform / consideration at all prior to the previous past council election!

Town Council considers $50m art gallery options
Is it just me?
Or is the conceptual site plan (refer above) prepared by Studio Kinship proposing to relocate Todd Street over to Leichhardt Terrace?!
So where’s Todd Mall itself?
Those Todd Mall traders, who apparently are the ones to gain most from the Anzac Oval Gallery location, should now be getting anxious.
Or is it Studio Kinship are just not that familiar with Alice Springs street layout … given their Perth location.

Power problems: Reporting inadequate, warnings disregarded
Come on Monica, these well considered and recommended upgrades would have all cost lots of money to implement.
How was the Gunner Government going to pay for such, and employ all those additional “political advisors / consultants” at the same time?
A choice had to be made.

Anzac High: No plans yet for what will replace it
I see another “Melanka” happening here.
Why rush to knock something down before a financially sustainable proposal and decision is made to redevelop it?
Dale suggests: “There were significant issues to bring it up to today’s standards, to Australian standards.”
What were the issues Dale?
Whilst recognising there are generally issues in upgrading older buildings to current standards, I recall the “Greatorex” building was successfully upgraded to do so and now repurposed as the new police station only some four or five years ago.
Just as well Gunner and Dale weren’t in power then, otherwise it appears the Greatorex Building would have been demolished as well!
Sometimes there’s no sense in trying to make sense of political speak.
But it seems like those +500 or so additional NTG employees / “advisors” recently reported about are getting paid well to deliver not much of a service.

Blackout: ALP backs call to keep old power station on standby
Thank Goodness for this on-standby decision.
But why are only three (as recently reported) of the nine or 10 new generators at Owen Springs only commissioned?
What’s happened to the other six or seven?
We did pay $75 million for them all, not three.
If these were all commissioned and fully operational and working would we actually need Ron Goodin?
Just Curious.

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