Ever since Gunner & Wakefield’s useless Family Services Group took …

Comment on Government backflip leaves Centre’s youth worst off by Matthew Langan.

Ever since Gunner & Wakefield’s useless Family Services Group took over Juvenile Corrections & Criminal Pandering Intervention Programs in the NT, only just two short years ago now , all of their own “Reoffending Age Allowed” Family Services criminal clients have been absolutely loving not being accountable to the Pathetic Law Courts or General Public that are sick to death of these failed criminal pandering, criminal allowance Family Services Groups that are stopping nothing, with all their failed soft serve Intervention bullshit.
Give all Corrections back to the Corrections Department experts.

Recent Comments by Matthew Langan

Art gallery row: Town Council leaderless
Why do you call our town council members leaderless, Erwin? Just because they don’t support the dictator styled NT State Labor Party government that won’t take no for an answer despite all the petitions signed against it being placed there?
Why is the idiot Labor Party government still trying to forcibly steal our Alice Springs community’s favourite town and community people’s meeting / greeting and entertainment sacred site?
The last thing our town needs is another art gallery. We especially do not need one placed so close to a major drinking den, right across the road.

War on Iran must be prevented
Wow!! Just because a couple of communist loving, left wing flogs, go for a little march down the street, you write some crap about it. How about Australia & Most Good Australians Fully Support the USA President’s actions against a murdering Iranian general , & we’ll just leave it at that. Cheers.

Council on climate: wide-ranging action as matter of urgency
It’s a shame Jimmy Cocking and his Communist loving Greens groups didn’t yell and scream, smoke some bongs or do much at all to stop this current Territory Labor Party government from fracking the entire Northern Territory, which will no doubt pollute most of our water tables.
Anyway, pick and choose. That’s the way.

CLP candidate Ryan compromised as town’s negotiator
Damien Ryan wanted to give our historic Alice Springs Anzac Oval site over to the failed Labor Party Gunner Government, until the good people of Alice stood up and got thousands of local signatures protesting that stupid idea.
He never ever supported the idea of having a town curfew to try and at least stop the reoffending criminal children and getting them right off our streets at night.
I find it very hard to believe that this bloke would actually fight for our town’s law abiding black or white people at all who are all sick to death of criminal kids (arse kissed and released), criminal youths being allowed to steal and disrespect), do as they please in all our shops, having communities without any punishment or consequences.

Gallery business case slap in the face of custodians
The Labor Party big knob socialist flogs said exactly the same thing about the Desert Park, the Araluen Arts Centre, the Strehlow museum and arts centre, the dinosaur museum and so on years ago.
All failed socialist lemons that cannot and do not stand up on their own without major funding from taxpayers.

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