John is a great Australian. A gentle and kind man. …

Comment on John Moriarty: My mother found me in Alice Springs by Simon.

John is a great Australian. A gentle and kind man. He continues to do fantastic and important work to support young people in rural communities to enjoy the benefits of sport and access to education.

Recent Comments by Simon

‘I shared my mother with the Aboriginal children’
Have enjoyed this series. Richie Bray was a good footballer. Part of those great Port teams of the 1960s. Thanks Erwin.

First Aboriginal doctor: Gordon Briscoe AO, BA (Hist), MA, PhD
Incredible persistence over many decades to go all the way with his education. Amazing after his early challenges at school. Thanks for this story.

Ken Hampton: From podium to pulpit
Survival in our own land was an important academic work that started the long overdue need to document and analyse history from the other side of the frontier, beyond records of events by Europeans.

Ida Standley, Topsy Smith: Mothers to the Bungalow children
Great story about education pioneers of Central Australia. So far ahead of their time. Many thanks, John.

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