NT Treasurer Nicole Manison, who has earned the unfortunate title …

Comment on Federal Budget ‘another big GST blow to the NT’ by Pete Boreman.

NT Treasurer Nicole Manison, who has earned the unfortunate title of Australia’s Worst Treasurer, has failed to correct her comments on the Federal Budget handed down last week.
Firstly her claim that no money for Kakadu was contained in this year’s federal budget was outright rejected by both CLP Senator Scullion, the Environment Minister’s office and the Director of National Parks.
The fact is all of the $216m promised for Kakadu will be delivered in the Budget and in fact more than $150m of this is to be delivered over the next four years.
And so far the hopeless Territory Government haven’t committed a single dollar of their own to Kakadu.
Secondly her claim that GST funds had decreased by $75m is a complete and utter fantasy with absolutely no basis in reality. The truth – contained in Budget Paper 3 – shows GST increasing by $42.3m to reach $2.78bn for the Northern Territory.
Either Nicole Manison doesn’t understand how to read a budget and is therefore incompetent, or she has deliberately misled Territorians.
Either way it explains the economic Armageddon Territory Labor has unleashed on us all.

Recent Comments by Pete Boreman

Budget repair: Check out the cost of this load of rubbish
Why is it that every time interstate unionists arrive in the NT they have to make a bloody mess everywhere?
These vandals traveled from one end of the NT to the other, TEK screwing their litter into trees by the thousands.
They’ve even left their trash in less traveled areas, like the Santa Teresa road all the way out. They don’t value the Territory like like us and should just leave.
I wonder how many sacred sites have been littered on?

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