“We’re seeing more demand for travel to Uluru from international …

Comment on See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs by Marc Hendrickx.

“We’re seeing more demand for travel to Uluru from international and interstate tourists than we have seen in a long time.”
Climbing ban will kill tourism to the Rock. Alice should be positioning itself to take over!
West Macs have much much more to offer than UluRules. Please open it up and have NT government put in some $ for marketing!

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Bid to keep Rock climb open by heritage listing
That book A Guide to Climbing Ayers Rock available from bookstores and online via publisher Connor Court, Booktopia or Amazon.

Alice has hottest day on record
The airport and OTS are two different locations spaced about 14.5 kms apart so its no surprise the temps are different.
The record in Alice Springs proper remains 47.5C at the OTS set on Christmas eve 1891. This was well before any urban heat effect would impact. It was measured with a standard thermometer in a Stevenson Screen – well ahead of the time.
The airport, well on the other side of the range, and well out of town measured 45.6°C. They are completely different sites. It is not correct to say Alice Springs has a new record based on the airport temp. The airport is 12kms from the town centre.

Alice has hottest day on record
The 1891 record still stands as the highest “recorded” in the Alice. As there was no comparison to the airport site we will never know which was hotter.
“But as the two stations never operated simultaneously to allow comparisons, we can only speculate whether today’s airport record would have beaten that of the Telegraph Station in a fair fight.”

Alice has hottest day on record
It was 47.5 on Christmas Eve 1891.

Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
Sasha, you are spot on. So much there to celebrate and share with other visitors.
One wonders how those legends and stories will be passed on to the next generation if the current custodians refuse to climb like their grandfathers did before them.

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