All the pessimism aside, Mark Hendrickx is spot on, we …

Comment on See the Red Centre without setting foot in Alice Springs by Peter Clements.

All the pessimism aside, Mark Hendrickx is spot on, we need to be better than Uluru and especially now the TOs are looking to shut the climb.
In the early 90s I was involved in the planning for the “Worlds Biggest Ground Painting” in the Tjilpa Valley at Ipolera, a joint exercise with Bardius Goldberg (of Maree Man speculation) and Herman Malbunka (both deceased).
This ground painting was to be made from four different colour rocks of various sizes the colours of which would move with the sun and the seasons.
It was planned to be 1.2km long and .6km wide and would showcase Aboriginal Culture (Arrernte story) from a multi-dimensional perspective.
Qantas featured the concept in their Inflight Magazine but the cash poor NT Government expected the Feds to pay for it all.
Chris Marshall, former CEO of Ngurratjuta, and I were joint coordinators of this project concept – it can still happen and be another key attraction for the West Macs.

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