But yes, I do agree, the story is very much …

Comment on Shoe on the other foot: caught in a foreign justice system by RM.

But yes, I do agree, the story is very much interesting and educational.
But that holiday episode is not at all far from reality so be always wary with people who don’t share your cultural thinking.

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Shoe on the other foot: caught in a foreign justice system
Who holidays in a commie third-world country?
A normal person would never want to.
Lucky she is still alive.
Usually they just shoot you dead.
Pussia, China, North Korea … never on my holiday list!

Recent Comments by RM

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Fracking contaminates.
STOP fracking anywhere, period.

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What’s wrong with Little Black Child?
That’s just calling it as one sees it.
People should be blaming this Kris Sut for assuming instead of Mr Thompson.

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It wouldn’t be such a problem if you weren’t so greedy.
I’d rather have my peace and quiet over those invading outsiders any day.
Wipe your feet before you step on my red soil.

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If you don’t boycott China all together now, that pest of a nation will destroy and poison everything that’s good about Australia, and eventually the entire planet.

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Every nation on earth should sign and pledge to the nuke ban treaty ASAP.
Any nation that possesses nukes should be ostracised from the world social scene and its citizens banned from entering Australia or any nuke-free country.
Nuke nuts are such pests.

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