Where is Barb a delegate for? They gonna be kicking the …

Comment on Tour operator new land council chairman by Tj.

Where is Barb a delegate for?
They gonna be kicking the poor bugga out of the meeting when they talk about sacred sites and cultural issues. They need to put a line through this and put a wati [man] back in.

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Tour operator new land council chairman
Evelyn: When wati [men – ED] are on the road no one should be on it.
They have women’s meetings all the time.
The board of CLC was set up so the leaders of a community area which is WATI could hold his respect and protect his country and people after the whites had taken it.
The fight begun with the men (TJILPI) to gain some of their land back.

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Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months
Has anyone got anything before she got on the council? I’m not sure but she got listened to by saying negative shit about Aboriginal men who are trying to repair their lives after an intervention.

‘Reduce chaos: police needed at all liquor outlets’
I think that there is not enough education on this within the community. It’s too easy for someone to open up in the media about floor prices and turning down taps. These people with these sorts of suggestions need to go out there and run awareness and consultation with the people.
Go to the council lawns and put a barbecue on or go to areas with problems. Talk to the people. Ask for their input. Don’t just think you’re in charge of anyone’s wellbeing, able to dictate terms to people. Our people are smart. They have ideas that can work. They just need to be heard.

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