That’s fantastic. …

Comment on Employment breakthrough by local Coles by Yvonne.

That’s fantastic.

Recent Comments by Yvonne

Election 2020 salvos fired with Alice the first battleground
Well said Trevor Shiell. Listen to the Aboriginal people and build the art gallery SOUTH of The Gap.

Desert Song: We are one and free
Fantastic videos of the singing. Looks amazing. Thank you.

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
I still can’t believe that the NT Government and the Alice Springs Town Council are still not listening to the Aboriginal people who want the gallery SOUTH of The Gap. Build it where the Aboriginal people want it then it can go ahead.

National gallery: Waiting for the council, says Wakefield
I still can’t understand why the NT Government in not listening to the Aboriginal people who want the Gallery SOUTH of the Gap. They need to show some respect as it is an Aboriginal galley after all.

Move School of the Air to Anzac High building
Great idea and would put the old school to a good use.

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